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Case Management

Case management is a process by which care is coordinated to best meet the needs of an individual, while utilizing resources effectively. The goals of case management include assisting the client to receive quality care to maintain health and prevent complications, injury or illness in the most cost-effective manner.

Collaboratively with the client and family, the case manager assesses the client’s needs; develops and implements a plan of care; coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the services required to meet those needs promoting quality and cost-effective solutions. The case manager makes referrals for health, financial and community resources to assure optimal outcomes.

Individuals with complex medical and therapeutic needs benefit by the consistent involvement of a Case Manager to oversee and coordinate care. A comprehensive case management plan is effective in streamlining interventions to avoid duplication of services, and assure needed care is provided to prevent more costly complications in the future.

An Independent Nursing Case Manager is able to support the client and family through all phases of the continuum of care, and assist them to navigate related healthcare, educational/vocational and social systems. Independent nursing case management can be a cost-effective alternative for the insurer, avoiding conflict between the objective assessment of client needs and the utilization management of resources that are available, or for which the payer is responsible.

At Rehab Advantage we assist the client to obtain appropriate medical care, reach their maximal level of improvement, and facilitate their return to school/work at the earliest possible time, in the most cost-effective manner. Throughout this process we will:

monitor the cost of interventions, negotiating rates/services as needed,

maintain contact with the treating physician and other professionals to assure a current treatment plan,

advise the insurer and school/employer of the status of the individual, and plans for their return to home/school/work,

coordinate care between physician(s), rehabilitation specialist(s) and others involved in care to assure continuity,

facilitate a return to school/work directly at full status, or with a transitional plan to achieve the most productive level possible,

act as liaison between the individual, insurer, school/employer, and attorney to maintain communication regarding status of care.

Our case management is provided by a registered nurse who is nationally certified as a Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) and in Nursing Case Management (Cm), with advanced education and experience.

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