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Client & Community Education

Education programs for individuals with disabilities, their families, and others in the community are provided in classroom, continuing education, and individual settings within areas of expertise. Areas addressed include: developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, disability awareness, life care planning, case management, pediatric and rehabilitation issues, interdisciplinary team process, family/professional relationships, client/family teaching, personal safety, use of restraints, and basic life support (CPR). Individual instruction can be provided on a variety of care procedures.

Presentations and education programs are designed to meet individual needs. Forums include classroom style lecture, interactive group discussion, practical laboratory, and individual learning modules. Objectives are clearly specified allowing for ease of competency measurement and program evaluation.

Our education programs are provided by a registered nurse with national certification in rehabilitation nursing (CRRN), life care planning(CLCP), and nursing case management(Cm), with advanced education and experience teaching.

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P.O. Box 864
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