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Life Care Planning

Life care planning is a systematic process for determining an individual's medical and functional status, current and future care needs, potential complications, and associated costs in present-day value.  A life care plan is prepared specifically to address the needs of an individual on an annual basis, and over his or her lifetime.  It is tailored to address the individual's own location, physical environment, and support system.

A review of medical history and current day interventions is important.  Evaluations of professionals involved in treatment, as well as those of consultants, are incorporated into recommendations in the life care plan.  Costs are researched to determine the most accurate average or range in the client's location.   The life care plan reflects the needs of an individual, the frequency of intervention, and the ability of the individual to follow-through with, and benefit from recommendations made.

Areas addressed in a life care plan include:  need for medical, psychological, therapeutic and social intervention; orthotics, prosthetics, equipment, and supplies; transportation, home care, physical environment and residential issues; educational and vocational needs; and potential complications.  Additionally, the life care plan applies a vocational worksheet to provide insight as to the impact an injury or illness has on an individual’s ability to work, compromised financial status or access to the labor market, and lost earning capacity.

A life care plan is a valuable tool for individuals with complex medical and therapeutic needs, and in particular those sustaining a catastrophic illness or injury. Types of individuals that benefit from a life care plan include those with traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, anoxic encephalopathy, amputation, cerebral palsy, birth injury, complex orthopedic injury, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and exposure to toxins.

Life care plans serve legal and insurance professionals by providing an objective and comprehensive view of an individual’s needs over his or her remaining life span. It specifies the expected costs associated in present-day value, which can be utilized to determine expenses in the future. This can be helpful to identify necessary reserves to be established and assist in negotiating an appropriate settlement of a case.

Life care plans serve the trustee by providing a blueprint for needed care. It assists in identifying where financial resources are most needed, and will likely be necessary in the future.

Life care plans serve the case manager by providing a plan with a view for the future. It can be utilized as a dynamic tool to limit duplication while assuring that necessary services are provided in order to prevent more costly complications in the future. It also provides a foundation for addressing the client’s needs, with flexibility to incorporate advances in medicine and technology as they are available.

Life care plans serve the client with complex medical and therapeutic needs, and his or her family. It can facilitate their understanding of the individual’s ongoing needs and options for care. Recognizing this assists them in financial planning, coordination of community resources, and identifying what insurance or other funding sources will support.

Rehab Advantage can prepare a life care plan, or review an opposing plan. This is provided by a registered nurse who is nationally certified as a Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) and as a Life Care Planner (CLCP), with advanced education and experience. We can provide expert testimony to support the recommendations made as well as continue working with an individual as case manager to coordinate services in the future. Additionally, we can provide consultation to those involved in the care of an individual (i.e., family, guardian, trustee, advocate, or case manager) to assist in making healthcare decisions.

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