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Medical Record Review:  Careful review of medical records can assist in determining the level of care required for an individual, and can be instrumental in delineating deviations from standards of care, established guidelines and procedures.  Review of medical records can facilitate case preparation in several ways to influence case outcomes.  We organize, tab and cross-reference materials.  In addition we can prepare a narrative summary, medical chronology and/or charts or graphs to highlight specific treatments (i.e., medication administration, respiratory assessment, neurological status).

File Review - An objective review of records, summaries and  depositions can assist in identifying inconsistencies and discrepancies in reports, indicating a need for further investigation or preparation.  It can also assist to detect tampering or missing records.

Narrative Summary - A narrative summary highlights the salient aspects of a case for review.  Preparation of a summary includes a brief description of events and procedures, as well as defined terms and abbreviations in non-medical language for presentation to witnesses and jury members.  Additional critique of records related to standards of care can be provided.

Medical Chronology - Reviewing events and information in the order in which they occurred helps to illustrate the client's condition and professional intervention at critical points in time.  In this way one can "see" how the client progressed through the healthcare system, and identify any deviation from standards of care and practice.  Chronologies can be tailored to meet specific needs, providing a simple overview or including a critique related to standards, guidelines or opinion in areas of expertise.

Medical Research:  Searching for standards of care or current healthcare references regarding a specific diagnosis or area of treatment can be difficult and time consuming.  We locate and retrieve relevant information utilizing data-based literature search programs, prominent medical library facilities and a wide network of practicing professionals.

Life Care PlanA life care plan provides an accurate assessment of an individual's medical and functional status, current and future care needs, and potential complications.  The life care plan identifies recommended educational and vocational options, residential considerations specific to the individual's own location, and the cost of care in present-day value.  This comprehensive plan is helpful to identify necessary reserves to be established, and to assist in negotiating appropriate settlement of a case.  Additionally, a "Day in the Life" video presentation can be prepared providing demonstrative evidence of an individual's disabilities and care needs.  Preparation of a life care plan, or review of an opposing plan, is provided by a registered nurse who is nationally certified as a Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) and as a Life Care Planner (CLCP), with advanced education and experience.

Expert Review and Testimony:  Expert case review and/or testimony can be provided within areas of expertise, including the care of children with developmental disabilities, feeding and gastrointestinal disorders, long-term ventilator assistance, and head or spinal cord injury; standards and procedures for professional and technical care; and emergency procedures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).  In addition, we can assist with:

Meritorious Case Review - An expert review can assist in identifying the merit of a case, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses.  It can also identify parties involved and suggest those to be deposed as potential defendants and witnesses.

Deposition Assistance - An expert case review can support the discovery of facts by assisting in the development of interrogatories and deposition questions.

Special Needs Recommendations:  Consultative review of care and treatment for individuals with complex medical and therapeutic needs can be performed with recommendations to provide a foundation for care coordination with a view toward future needs.

Case Management:  Individuals with complex medical and therapeutic needs benefit by the consistent involvement of a Case Manager to oversee and coordinate care.  A comprehensive case management plan is effective in streamlining interventions to avoid duplication of services, and assure needed care is provided to prevent more costly complications in the future.  An independent Nursing Case Manager is able to support the client and family through all phases of the continuum of care, and assist them to navigate related healthcare, educational/vocational and social systems.  Our case management is provided by a registered nurse who is nationally certified as a Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) and in Nursing Case Management (Cm), with advanced education and experience.

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