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Rehabilitation Consultation

Advocacy: Consultation is available to those involved with the care of an individual with a disability or complex healthcare needs. Family members, guardians, trustees, advocates and case managers can obtain assistance in making healthcare decisions.

"Day in the Life" : A videotaped presentation of the care needs of an individual is a powerful and effective means to communicate the need for support to prospective agencies and foundations. We can assist in the preparation and production of a video showing a day in the life of an individual with a disability or complex healthcare needs.

Medical Research: Searching for current healthcare references regarding a specific diagnosis or area of treatment can be difficult and time consuming. We will locate and retrieve relevant information utilizing data-based literature search programs, prominent medical library facilities and a wide network of practicing professionals.

Physical/Functional Assessment: An objective assessment of an individual’s physical and functional status, and the physical environment in which he or she lives and works, can assist in identifying the extent to which an injury or illness impacts on the individual and his or her abilities. We can perform these assessments and provide a report identifying the physical and cognitive limitations, pain, social, emotional, and environmental obstacles to achieving the most productive level possible.

Special Needs Recommendations: Consultative review of care and treatment for individuals with complex medical and therapeutic needs can be performed. Recommendations regarding current or suggested services can be made to provide a foundation for care coordination with a view toward future needs.

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